Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I never thought in a million years that I would be where I am today with three Urban fiction books published and another one about to be published. Also my autobiography will be published on my mother's birthday 1/08/2021. I always wanted to be a successful author, and I've always wanted my mother to see it all. She saw my first published books which were named after one of her favorite songs... My First Love. All in my life all I've ever wanted was to make my mother proud because she's always made me proud. My mother whom I lost on June 9th 2020. It happened so sudden for us because we never knew that she was sick. This time starting March this world was basically flipped upside down with this pandemic! COVID-19... Coronavirus. I decided when my mother first went into the hospital to have surgery, I felt it was a small procedure, she always comes home. So I went to Atlanta, which has Always been a dream of mine. My mother urged me to go saying she was on her way when she get's out of the hospital and well enough to travel. So of course I felt she knew she was coming home. So March 8th mother was in the hospital and had the procedure done, I went to visit with her then I went straight to greyhound and started my journey to Atlanta. (Remind you my mother had surgery the day I left to go to Atlanta). So I was in Atlanta a good 10 days before things started to shut down, that included the hospital. So all I was able to do was talk to my mother on the phone even if I was still in Las Vegas. I wouldn't have been able to visit her but I still was ready to come back to Las Vegas to just be close as possible. So on my way back to Las Vegas I headed. Everything was closed for two months and things with my mothers health out of nowhere suddenly declined. Now I'm getting paranoid because everyday they were saying she can come home, the next day something went wrong! Then she was diabetic in the first place so when they cut her the first time she was never healed completely from that surgery. Now they come tell us they need to cut her leg off!

Now I'm even more worried because we wasn't able to be by her side when she had her surgery. I always wish I'd stayed after her first surgery because that was the time I could've been there with her instead of traveling. Because that time she had nobody by her side when she was able to have visitors nobody was really there because we thought she'd be home in a few days as usual. But then I came back to Las Vegas and they told us they needed to cut her leg off because it was infected! My mother agreed to that surgery because she knew her foot was infected and she was ready to get that done. She thought that would help her with the pain she had in her foot. A few weeks after that surgery they told us when she get well we can take her home for about two days so we can spend time with her before the hospital shut down. They said her leg has set up more infection and they need to cut up higher than they had already cut,,then they said she was infected all over. We thought she was coming home but the day before she was supposed to come home they called and said she was full of fever all over, so again... no home, she couldn't come home! Now they coming up with they need to cut higher up on her leg they've already cut. Well my mother didn't agree to that surgery and she was ready to come home... she didn't want to be at the hospital anymore! she said no to the surgery and she just wanted to come home... But then her health declined within twenty four hours and now her entire body was infected. Long story short... Half of my dreams I've always told my mother I was going to do when she was here never came true. For four months my mother was in that hospital fighting for her lungs, fighting for her liver, her heart! I never cared about life as I wanted it anymore I knew it wasn't about to be the same. I didn't think about my career! At the time I wasn't thinking about the future without my mother.? I needed her to see my visions come into reality! So with this all being said... Did it really take my most vulnerable moment to make my dreams come true? Did it take me loosing my mother to do everything I've always expressed to her that I wanted to do? I told my mother and myself I want my business license... I said I wanted my own business... I wanted to publish my autobiography three years ago with another publisher, but that one had some of my paintings and drawings inside of it. I held on to it for all those year. Now I see why, I had so much more to say... so much more to tell, and now I just found out it'll be in e-book form, paperback and audio Now how about that? And the cover will be the best part! I thank GOD, MY MOTHER MARYM BROWN TAYLOR (BEBOP) AND MY PAW PAW ROBERT TAYLOR.

It's sad that the best things and times in your life happens soon as you loose the greatest people in your life... But now, I'm finally a entrepreneur! I have my own personal Angel

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